Features that'll grow your Music Service

SpeedAdmin is packed with features that make life easier for everyone involved with your Music Service.

The preferred CRM for music schools in combination with a comprehensive teaching platform makes it an all-in-one system.

Members of our team even have practical experience with administration and teaching within music schools. We know the challenges inside and out.







Planning and Scheduling

Scheduling individual tuition, ensembles, events, and concerts has never been easier. In fact, our cutting-edge scheduling system takes the hassle out of coordinating these musical activities. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly set up lessons, rehearsals, and performances, all while maintaining a clear overview of your entire schedule.


Securing communication through various channels including Email, Text, Chat, Forum, Notification, and Follow-ups is a cornerstone of our platform. Our tools ensure effective and reliable interaction.

Lists and Statistics

In today's data-driven world, having access to the right information is paramount. With our advanced list and statistics tools, you can now harness the power of data to gain the customised overview you've always desired. Say goodbye to information overload and hello to clear, concise insights.

Finance and Accounting

In the fast-paced world of finance and accounting, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. With SpeedAdmin, you can streamline your financial operations and take control of your invoicing like never before.

Learning Management System

Inspire students with your own or linked content, upload practice videos and sheet music.

Resource Handling

Managing resources effectively is the cornerstone of any successful institution or event. With our comprehensive resource handling tools, you can effortlessly allocate rooms to teachers and classes while seamlessly booking concerts and events.

Mobile App

In today's fast-paced world, staying organised and connected is essential. With our feature-rich mobile app, you can take control of your schedule, keep important notes at your fingertips, access your contacts, effortlessly track attendance and more – all conveniently from your pocket.

User Management

Designed to provide seamless control and customisation over user access and rights within your educational institution or organisation. Our comprehensive suite of tools empowers administrators, teachers, staff, and students to collaborate effectively while ensuring data security and privacy.
Admins and Managers
Accelerate your admin and get more time to expand your music service. SpeedAdmin's custom toolbox is packed with features.
Music teachers need time to focus on what's important - teaching! We facilitate this by streamlining the teacher's tasks.
Parents and Students
Communication between schools, teachers, parents and pupils is safe, speedy and simple. With a bespoke online tuition platform.

Music & Arts Services put their trust in us

We pride ourselves on being close to our customers with dedicated support and development departments. Always listening to feedback, we place the customer at the centre of our ever developing product. We provide hosted demos, seminars and webinars throughout the year, so we are always in close contact with the people that matter most.

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