Getting started can sometimes be a daunting challenge. But never fear... FAQ is here! This page is dedicated to all the most frequently asked questions and topics that come up for new customers that are looking to get started with SpeedAdmin.

Do I need to install anything on my devices?

No, SpeedAdmin is a 100% web-based system that all stakeholders can access at anytime and anywhere on their browser. Our mobile app for teachers needs to be downloaded to make sure that they can do notes and attendance offline.

How long does it take to implement SpeedAdmin?

Everything from 3 weeks to 3 month depending of data migration, time of year and your availability. A SpeedAdmin consultant will make sure your SpeedAdmin is up and running in cooperation with your team. And we will not charge you before you're all ready to go!

Can you migrate data from my current system?

Yes, we are very experienced at migrating data from different systems and databases. The length migration process often depends on the quality of your data. Alternatively, we have very good experience setting up customers without data migration, but seamless registration of students and resources, thereby ensuring high data quality and GDPR compliance.

How do I get support and do I need to pay for it?

As a SpeedAdmin superuser you have full access to our 100% free support (email, telephone, online meetings). We take pride in a personal and speedy support, so you can get on with your work.

Can we invoice through SpeedAdmin?

Yes, you can - both invoice directly through Speedadmin and take payments through Credit Card, Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfers or Direct Debit, or you can export your invoice file for all standard council systems - and import the payment overview afterwards.

Do I need to buy modules or updates of the program?

No - when you buy SpeedAdmin all functionalities and future standard updates are included. You will never need to "upgrade" or buy extra modules - it's all included and you decided how much you want to use.

Do I need to keep the system updated?

No - as SpeedAdmin is 100% web-based you will always have access to the latest and most secure edition of the system - we'll make sure to keep it up to date for you!

Still have questions?

Just call or mail our support team and get personal and expert service.
Additionally, you can search our help forum where we have a collect of the most frequent problems that arise.
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