Visit from Switzerland

A week of exchange and cooperation

At the beginning of February, SpeedAdmin experienced a special highlight with the visit of Gaudenz Lügstenmann, a music school director from Switzerland. The agenda for his visit was varied and we can look back on an intense week of dialogue and collaboration.

The main goals of the visit were clearly defined: We wanted to support and learn from each other. Gaudenz got an insight into our daily work at SpeedAdmin, especially in the support area. In return, he was able to introduce us to the world of music schools in Switzerland.

The focus was on SpeedAdmin related topics such as finances, salary calculation, subscription management, lists and inventory management.

Especially exciting was the test of the new SpeedAdmin Play! Here we asked Gaudenz for valuable feedback, particularly, terminology, design and navigation.

Various teams, including management, development, sales and our German-speaking team, had the opportunity to exchange ideas with Gaudenz in several meetings.

At the end of the week, we received valuable and comprehensive input from Gaudenz. His assessment of the support, his suggestions for improvement, and his view of the music school landscape in Switzerland are invaluable to us.

Gaudenz's visit was not only an exchange of ideas, but also a joyful reunion with a valued business partner and good friend. In between, we also found time to play a little music and explore the city, which made the visit even more "hyggelig".

Many thanks to Gaudenz for a week full of productive conversations and new insights.

Tak for denne gang!