SpeedAdmin in Lübeck Music School

A few years ago an interesting request came from Germany: The management of the Lübeck music school had found out about SpeedAdmin and wanted to know whether SpeedAdmin could also be adapted to German music schools.

Music school director Ralph Lange reports:
“When I first experienced SpeedAdmin as a visitor to a Danish music school, I was surprised at how different and relaxed it was in the office. I immediately asked myself what was behind this great working atmosphere and came across the SpeedAdmin administration program. This enables a completely new way of managing a music school. So it made sense to bring the program to our music school as well."

This was followed by intensive cooperation on the necessary requirements and adaptations of the system to German conditions and in 2019 SpeedAdmin could finally be put into operation in Lübeck.

Our efforts have paid off, because after a year and a half, Ralph Lange says:
“SpeedAdmin has revolutionized student administration in our music school. With SpeedAdmin we can manage the music school from anywhere in the world. No other administration program can do that. SpeedAdmin's cloud-based system allows any group to be given permissions to access certain data. Our lecturers, students and their parents as well as our accounting department can now directly access the music school data relevant to them. When registering online, there is no longer any need to read in student data, as it ends up directly in the system. This eliminates the need for a lot of unnecessary calls in our office if there are any ambiguities, and our employees can focus on more important tasks.
All data is integrated in SpeedAdmin and we can view the payment information for all students at any time."

We take our hats off to the courage that the Lübeck music school had, to look around for a new administrative system across national borders.
This certainly led to some considerations, which Ralph Lange confirms:
“We had tested various administration programs for music schools, including some of the market leaders in Germany. SpeedAdmin was No. 1 in terms of quality, flexibility and service.

We had presented some of these programs set up for music schools to our sponsor, including the programs of the market leaders in Germany. Our board of directors, in which numerous Lübeck merchants participate, then decided in favor of SpeedAdmin because it simply promised the best quality and the best service."

Since the administrative staff at the Lübeck Music School work with SpeedAdmin on a daily basis, they must of course be able to cope well with the system, otherwise our work with the system would be completely in vain.

Friederike Holst, a new employee, tells how she experiences SpeedAdmin:
“The system had been in place for a while when I started. Still, it was so new that many of the uses were not yet routine. In such cases we received help over the phone from Denmark. The system is very intuitive and quick to use. After a few days I had internalized the basic application and was able to work independently. With some topics you have to groom yourself a bit, but the SpeedAdmin staff will help you immediately over the phone. The care is great. The employees always take their time for everything and try to rectify errors directly so that operation is even more optimized. In fact, I recommend the system because it is easy to use and forgiving of mistakes. There are a few more details that could be adapted more specifically to our music school. However, as I have got to know SpeedAdmin so far, this will be possible without any problems in the near future."

Service and support are actually very important to us. We are happy to be there for our customers and appreciate nice contact and mutual exchange. After all, we are there to make everyday work in the music school administration easier!
Ralph Lange adds:
“SpeedAdmin has a very good, fast and friendly service. There are no language barriers because some employees speak German very well.
As a music school director and employee at a large independent music school, I have already got to know several administration programs for music schools. We are very satisfied with SpeedAdmin. "

We would like to thank the Lübeck Music School for their kind recommendation and look forward to further cooperation.

Ralph Lange
Director of Music School
Lübeck Music School