Quick fix for Music & Arts Schools

Is there a way for all the  school's staff to quickly and easily communicate with students, set schedules, manage orchestras, rental instruments, sheet music libraries, events and sell music lessons? All without having to look around like crazy between different systems? The answer is yes.

At Mölndals Kulturskola, we lacked a student management system that was aimed specifically for music and art schools. We wanted a platform that made it easy to contact groups of students from different primary schools, which was web-based and which gathered all management in one place. And we wanted to avoid spending unnecessary time on tasks that could just as easily be automatic.

When we came in contact with SpeedAdmin in the autumn of 2018, it was as if the pieces fell into place. I remember that I was fire and flames after the initial meeting with Thomas Reng Thomsen about everything you could do and all the time it would save. I have not been disappointed. After two years with the program, I am still constantly discovering new features. Most things can be adapted in detail to my own business and as a super user I have every opportunity to go in and influence what is to be shown and what rights different user groups should have.

Platform Ecosystem
It happens from time to time that we lack some functionality and you can not get everything, but usually it does not take long before the support gets in touch and announces that the developers have created a new feature that meets our needs. I think this is so valuable, that we users can be heard for our needs and that the environment is constantly evolving. SpeedAdmin is truly a living platform. As a user, I notice that there is a presence, a drive forward and a desire to constantly improve that makes it never feel boring or monotonous to work in the system.

Easy for Teachers
Even for the teachers, working in SpeedAdmin goes smoothly. The scheduling is easy to use and the app makes attendance management quick and easy. In addition, the teachers themselves can find various tasks that they were previously dependent on the administrator to obtain. I can easily serve them with tailor-made lists inside the system and also with email templates, which has led to the school's communication becoming more uniform and appreciated by parents and guardians. Communication with students is generally the heart of SpeedAdmin for us and it is so easy regardless of whether you want to send out information, reminders or hold lessons via the platform.

It will be exciting to see what more we will be able to do in the system in the future and to continue to wish for new functions and see if the wishes come true!

Victoria Eriksson
Communicator and Super User
Mölndals Kulturskola