Praise from Skåne

When I took over as head of the cultural school, I quickly realized the need for a good administration system. I started an external monitoring and landed quite quickly in two different systems, one of which was Speedadmin. Many of my management colleagues in our management network in Skåne had Speedadmin and talked warmly about this. After visiting the cultural school in Burlöv and booking a demo and an online meeting with SpeedAdmin, we understood that the system had everything we needed. As it was also significantly more affordable in price than the competitor, the choice landed on Speedadmin.

After that, we have not been treated but rather taken care of. From the very beginning, we were contacted by Malin from the support who in sounding Swedish helped us set up the entire system from first to last subject - first to last student - all fees, sibling discounts, rental instruments, staff time for external activities, skills development and much, much more . It has been absolutely incredible and the system has managed everything that is specific to Kävlinge.

SpeedAdmin is very comprehensive because the ambition is to be able to handle everything. But at the same time, most features are very easy to use. Our staff is also very happy with their user interface which has greatly simplified their everyday life. And in pandemic times, the learning platform has been helpful in being able to maintain contact with students between online lessons.

I now understand why my principal colleagues from the other cultural schools talked warmly about SpeedAdmin and can only join the crowd of praise singers. I can highly recommend this system.

Kristofer Wåhlander
Head of the Culture School
Kävling Culture School