Michael Hamann

Leadership with Harmony

SpeedAdmin has recently appointed a new CEO to shape the direction of the company

"We aim to create efficient solutions and release resources to strengthen cultural life," says Michael, sharing his vision for SpeedAdmin shortly after being appointed CEO. His focus on a continued user-centered approach and openness to customer needs is crucial for the company's future success.

In his leadership, Michael places great emphasis on transparency and dialogue. He recognises the value of close collaboration with both employees and customers to ensure that SpeedAdmin continues to deliver excellent results. This reflects his conviction that a company thrives best when there is a harmonious connection between leadership, employees, and customers.


A Progressive Future!

Digitalisation and artificial intelligence(AI) are integral to Michael´s vision for a progressive future for music services.

According to Michael, digitalisation and AI are not just tools for efficiency but also a proactive adaptation to users' dynamic demands.

 "I believe in embracing modern technology such as artificial intelligence," says Michael enthusiastically, viewing digitalisation and AI as crucial factors to keep moving forward with developments in the music and cultural school sector.

This approach signifies not only efficiency but also an ambition to shape a future where music and art flourish. Through digital advancements and a dedication to user needs, Michael sets the stage for an exciting future for SpeedAdmin. It's not just about delivering efficient solutions; it's also about shaping a future where music and art thrive.

With Michael at the conductor's podium, SpeedAdmin looks forward to realising this harmonious vision and continuing tobe a driving force for innovation in the music and cultural school industry.