Energy Boost for Arboga Music & Arts School

Arboga Music & Arts school started this academic year 20/21 with SpeedAdmin, implementation and training has gone as planned since the start.

Changing the operating system can, for many, be the biggest source of energy guzzlers available, but it can also be a real energy boost if the system delivers….IF the energy boost is to be experienced, both the product and its associated staff need to deliver at the highest level.

SpeedAdmin, with its system and staff, gave us in Arboga just the latter, a simplified everyday life for both teachers and management, a flawless service and well-thought-out training as well as support that is both fast and personal.

SpeedAdmin as a system is well thought out with a simple interface that even for the slightly less IT-conscious employee can be experienced both intuitively and easily used.

The system is adapted for how the current cultural school looks and works with the queuing system, attendance and administration part, but the system is also adaptable for how the cultural school of the future looks with an increasingly digital adaptation in both communication and administration.

An operating system should not control the development itself, development takes place together with us, I think that is important!

I could not have wished for a smoother transition to a “new” business system than the transition we in Arboga, have experienced, the problems have been few and the employees' response has been almost unambiguous, simplified everyday life at work and simpler administration!

Jesper Hellqvist
Manager of the Culture School
Arboga Culture School