Hear all about the success stories from our customers and how our partnerships deliver and enable growth for music services time and time again.

SpeedAdmin is the most used administrative software system for Music Services in Scandinavia and has a continuously growing presence in all of Europe.


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We pride ourselves on being close to our customers with dedicated support and development departments. Always listening to feedback, we place the customer at the centre of our ever developing product. We provide hosted demos, seminars and webinars throughout the year, so we are always in close contact with the people that matter most.

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"Since we started using SpeedAdmin, our work process has become much more efficient. We've been able to expand an our administration receives fewer complaints because we've been making less mistakes."

Suzanne Waller - Trafford Music Service, UK

"...just wanted to pass on thanks for SpeedAdmin.  Without SpeedAdmin we'd be really stuck right now.  Can you imagine us trying to remotely work using the old MAS we had?"

Janice Frazer - Tees Valley Music Service, UK

"It has been marvelous! It's made my workload cut down to about half of the time I normally take doing Access."

Doreen Clarke - Lambeth Music Service, UK

“Getting started was very straightforward. All information is there, just a few clicks away."

Jess Ortony -  Berkshire Maestros, UK

“SpeedAdmin offers us impeccable service, well thought-out training courses and fast, personal support."

Jesper Hellqvist - Arboga Kulturskola, Schweden

“Finally a program designed specifically for music and culture schools! SpeedAdmin is very user-friendly and meets all of our requirements."

Martin - Uddevalla Kulturskola, Schweden