About Us

Meet the team behind SpeedAdmin and a brief history of the company from humble beginnings.

The idea of SpeedAdmin arose from one of the company's founders, Torben Rasmussen. Being a music school leader himself he wanted to make it easier to perform daily administrative tasks without using several platforms at once. Torben therefore joined forces with IT specialist Karsten Grau Rasmussen, and together they built on the idea of a web-based all-in-one solution for music and cultural schools. The starting point was the practical experience and the wishes of the users, and as it turned out that Torben and Karsten hit the spot.

SpeedAdmin is now used by virtually all music and cultural schools in Denmark, in the Faroe Islands and in Norway. We are expanding quickly into the Swedish and UK markets, and we are now in the process of expanding to other European countries.

Meet the Team

Torben Rasmussen

Co-founder and CCO

Karsten Grau Rasmussen

Co-founder and CTO

Thomas Reng Thomsen

Commercial Director

Eva S. Jensen

Customer Support

Daniel Philipsen

DPO and Support

Dan Sandhøj Fromm

Project Manager and Support

Malin Lindström

Customer Support

Niclas Villadsen

Customer Support

Anita Lassen

Customer Support

Torbjörn Kristiansson

Customer Support (Freelance)

Kathrin Grube Andersson

Customer Support (Freelance)

Hannah Beaumont

Support and Implementation

Ellen Wemmelund

Sales & Marketing Consultant

Sandra Albers Krogh


Sandra Ludvigsen

Accounting and Support

Jesper Munk

Software Developer

Rob Earle

UX and Digital Designer

Rune E. H. Jensen

Software Developer

Louise Blaaberg Clausen

Software Developer

Michael Nielsen

Software Developer

Karsten Ritter

IT Support

Kasper Christensen

Project Leader / Product Owner

Kim Ramgaard

Software Developer

Christina Johansen

Software Developer

Marianne Johannsen


Mette Lorenzen Meyer