Find out how SpeedAdmin can help boost and develop your Music Service with it's extensive and flexible feautures.

Expand your Music Service

SpeedAdmin is packed with features that make life easier for everyone involved with your Music Service.
The preferred CRM for music schools in combination with a comprehensive teaching platform makes it an all-in-one system.
Members of our team even have practical experience with administration and teaching within music schools. We know the challenges inside and out.

What do our customers say?


Customisable Setup

We provide a flexible system that's easy to tailor to suit your way of working.

Manage Users

Intuitive handling of all users within SpeedAdmin, easily find and manage everyone.


Securing communication through Email, Text, Chat, Forum, Notification and Follow ups.

Waiting List & Vacancies

Effectively manage delivering school provision & automise student sign-up & waiting lists.


Invoice through SpeedAdmin or export your invoice file for all standard council systems.

Reporting / Lists

Get the customised overview you've always wanted in a transparent and easy way.

Scheduling & Rooms

Easily allocate rooms to teachers and classes, plus book concerts and events.

Hour Calculation

Do your payroll without any errors with an overview for admins, teachers and schools.



Scheduling individual tuition, ensembles, events and concerts has never been easier.

Online Tuition

Get all the advantages of online tuition without the unnecessary hassle.


Inspire students with your own or linked content, upload practice videos and sheet music.

Hour Overview

Get a clear overview of your hours that are calculated straight from your timetable.


It’s effortless to cancel from your timetable and notify those students effected.

Mobile App

View your schedule, create notes, see contacts and mark attendance all from your pocket

Student Assessments

Evaluate your students’ progress and organise assessments and grades.


It’s effortless to cancel from your timetable and notify those students effected.

Pupil / Parent / School

Online Course Sign-up

Signing up for all tuition offers, discounts and instrument hire has never been easier.


See all your concerts, lessons and events in one simple calendar view.


Get automated notifications, safe and traceable email, plus an optional chat function.

Mobile App

View your schedule, speedy communication and practice material from your pocket


Get all the information you need and take control of your data, all in one place.


Be inspired and motivated to practice outside of your lesson time in the best possible way.

School Dashboard

Strengthen the relationship with schools and ease your workload with the school dashboard.

School Provision

Enable schools to request, make changes and handle invoices for provisions.

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We pride ourselves on being close to our customers with dedicated support and development departments. Always listening to feedback, we place the customer at the centre of our ever developing product.We provide hosted demos, seminars and webinars throughout the year, so we are always in close contact with the people that matter most.

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