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Why we use StudyAlong at Strängnäs

The culture school in Strängnäs, Sweden, has been using the StudyAlong system since 2017. From my perspective as boss, this system has many advantages compared to the system we used earlier.

The two best things about StudyAlong are: direct payment and the course catalogue.

After only one year at StudyAlong, we completely stopped invoicing. The legal guardians all reacted positively to the direct payment. So you pay immediately after you have registered for a course, and not half a year afterwards. This creates a clear connection between the start of the course and the payment of the course fee and, if applicable, the instrument rental fee.

We in the administration now have a more active and communicative role and no longer have to do what I believe to be repressive tasks that often resulted from paper bills. In addition, the number of non-payment cases has decreased dramatically.

The course catalog actually works as an active recruiting tool and does a lot of work for us. Many parents are looking for leisure activities for their children, often without having a precise idea of ​​what exactly it should be, but rather it has to be age-appropriate and fit into everyday life. The better we describe the activities in the course catalog, the more attractive the offers and thus also the music school.

It is also very nice for the teachers not to have to work with waiting lists anymore. Sometimes the waiting lists have been very out of date. Now the spaces fill up on their own and the teachers have more control over their work schedule.

Agneta Klingberg
Head of the Culture School
Strängnäs Culture School